Optimizing Mobile pages for More Conversions

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According to a survey done by Google and IPOS, more than 1500 people end up in frustration and explore other brands when they are unable to make a business call from the search result. By the same survey, it is found that phone calls hold the most powerful position for the purchase purpose.

Most of the users that search for business expect an instant access. It is seen that even if many actions take place on mobiles, traffic still touches the sky on desktop. Read the rest of this entry »


Optimizing Important Pages of Website for Better Conversion

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Every website on the internet, no matter what it serves is unique from one another. But on a general basis, there are 4 important pages on a website:

Optimizing Important Pages of Website for Better Conversion

  1. Home page
  2. About page
  3. Blog
  4. Contact Us page

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Think before you select Mobile App Developer for Your App

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How to Make Mobile marketing a priority for your Business?

What we mean to say here is not forgetting all the other channels of marketing and using mobile app solely as your marketing tool. What we mean to say here is to check your ability as an organization to think in terms of where exactly your customers are going; not where they have already been. We can see now that apps are everywhere and this is not just an accident, it the new in-thing in the marketing. On-the-go users are now driving the technologies which businesses use to interact with their target audiences.


But how can you find a good mobile app developer?

To answer that here are five tips that you can use: Read the rest of this entry »

Is Minimal Design Approach Good Your Business Website?

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Marketiang is nothing but understanding your clients and give them exactly what they are looking for. Your business website acts as prime online marketing aid in your hand. You should utilize it the most. Overall aesthetics of your website reveals many details to clients. You have to pay careful attention to its design and content to make it more effective. Using current trends in website designing has its own advantage but not all design patterns might suit your needs. Minimalism is the most trending design paradigm these days. In this article let us look at its details and how it is or it is not suitable for you.

Basic principles of Minimalistic Design are –

Website Utvikling Spesialist Read the rest of this entry »

Importance Of Agile Principles In Designing

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Agile development has grown to be popular among web developers in the last few years. Working in short iterative sprints phases saves a lot of research and documentation phases. It produces unmistakable results quicker and encourages a culture of testing and iteration. Plus it also breaks the project mindset where websites are left to gradually rot once launched.

Agile methods are getting progressively normal in application design, with their collaborative customer focus and iterative, test driven methodology.

This manifesto details four centre qualities for empowering high performing teams:

  • Individuals and their Interactions – over processes and tools
  • Delivering working software – over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration – over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change – over following a plan

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